Weruva’s New Food is BFF (Best Feline Friend)

I haven’t had a chance to announce on the air that the good folks at Weruva have come out with a less expensive but very high quality line of foods called BFF — Best Feline Friend — that is low-carbohydrate and human grade, as is Weruva itself.  The difference is that BFF is fish-based (the only way to keep up their high quality standards and keep the price lower) but while fish is not a good idea as a cat’s only protein source, using it intermittently is just fine. Saves you money and gives them a taste sensation! But you can see that Mimi beat me to the punch and reminded me to tell everyone about BFF. Right now PetFoodDirect.com is having a 20% off sale on BFF and if you add the CATCHAT discount of 20% that is pretty darn great savings!  Your cats are surely thinking, “WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!”

Hello Tracie, I saw photos of my kitties Chloe and Johnny girl on your website and just wanted to thank you so much for the goodies and signed bookplates you sent for The Cat Bibles — I may have to give my sister and niece their Xmas gifts early!!

Also I ordered two cases of Weruva cat food using the catchat coupon code… thanks for the 20% discount.  My three kitties are transitioning over to all raw plus canned food from an all-dry diet.  I can already see a difference in their coats.

I have attached the email response I received from Weruva Cat food folks. I noticed the BFF label and Weruva both had the same address and inquired as to the difference between the two brands. Thought you may want to see their response below.  Just FYI in case you didn’t already know.

Thanks for all your shared wisdom. I know my Kitties and I appreciate all you do for us.  Sincerely, Mimi

Here’s what David, the owner of Weruva/BFF replied to Mimi:

Thank you for the email to Weruva/BFF. Yes, we make both brands. We created BFF as an additional option for both stores that carry our products as well as consumers who may be looking for something different. The BFF price at pet stores is less than Weruva as the raw materials used are different, yet the quality of BFF and the manner in which BFF is produced is no less than Weruva. We just use different raw materials that we source less expensively.

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