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Letter from Rebecca

Rebecca from Virginia wrote me this excellent letter about what she thinks is best for her pets and I really admire her passion! I first purchased The Cat Bible because I didn’t really know a whole lot about cats. I … Continue reading

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Emma’s Passion Project Is About Cats

I got this charming email recently: My name is Emma and I am in 6th grade. I am doing a Passion Project, and cats are my passion. I need to ask an expert some questions on cat behavior. I hope … Continue reading

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I Am Not A Doctor But You Need One!

I got this message from Billie and Mark, which they addressed to “Dr. Hotchner.” While I am humbled to be trusted by my listeners, I recommend that anyone with a troubling medical situation turn to the Official Second Opinion Vet … Continue reading

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The Whole Dog Journal Editor Feeds Halo Dry Food to Her Kitty!

I have been having such a swell time periodically interviewing Nancy Kerns on DOG TALK® — she’s the editor of the greatly admired publication THE WHOLE DOG JOURNAL which takes no advertising and therefore is beholden to no one in … Continue reading

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Catster Fans Are Confused About Feeding Their Cats

Catster.com often posts Daily Tips from me and whenever there is one about food, things heat up! (http://blogs.catster.com/cat_tip_of_the_day/2011/02/28/how-much-food-does-a-cat-really-need/#comments) I just LOVE when the feeding topic gets everybody energized! There are a few different issues raised here so first I urged … Continue reading

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What About Kitty Crack When You Are Away?

I got this question from Julie: I have been trying to call with this question, but never seem to get through. I know you are against kitty crack, but what about Blue Buffalo dry food? We tried doing the wet … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Feeling Punk

I got this appeal from Dee in North Carolina — the length shows how attentive she is to her pets’ symptoms and how aware she is of dangers and nutritional issues too — a really great owner! One of our … Continue reading

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Cats are not Small Dogs Especially with Pancreatitis

Author Laura Jacobs (who came on my show www.AuthorsOnAnimals.com on NPR) with her book The Bird Catcher) has three Ocicats she would do anything for — but she didn’t know the “kitty crack” story. She did feed canned food but … Continue reading

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Author’s Ocicat Adores Weruva!

I had the wonderful author Laura Jacobs (The Bird Watcher) on my show Authors on Animals (www.AuthorsonAnimals.com) recently and gave her the whole “kitty crack” lecture — she thought her cancer survivor Jasper (she has three Ocicats) needed to be … Continue reading

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Molly the Ragdoll Cries with Mom

I got this most touching letter recently about a really empathetic cat: I have a 3 year old ragdoll cat, Molly, but we’d just adopted her about 9 months ago. We have a very good bond, I feel, but didn’t … Continue reading

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