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You’re in the right place! After 7 years of her show CAT CHAT® (on what used to be the Martha Stewart channel of SiriusXM satellite radio) Tracie has moved here with a new name and time: CAT CHAT® & DOG TALK® with her co-host Dr. Shawn Messonier, whose show The Natural Vet was also previously on SiriusXM. Together they are live every Tuesday night — to answer all your dog and cat questions! 888-627-6008

Cat Chat(R) and Dog Talk(R) w/ Hosts Tracie Hotchner and Dr Shawn


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There will be a prize for one lucky caller each week to the show: one free coupon for Cat Attract litter to a caller with a cat question and, for a caller needing dog advice, a limited edition mini-leash bookmark for THE DOG BIBLE!

Contacting Tracie

Want Tracie & Dr. Shawn To Answer Your Question On The Air during Cat Chat® & Dog Talk®? Send email to: radiopetlady@gmail.com

For business correspondence, please email: 8pawsllc@gmail.com


Weruva's Hilarious Rap Video

Check out the hilarious Weruva Rap Video that explains why cats need only meat.

Cat Chat & Dog Talk is my favorite show

About Dr Shawn, Tracie's Co-Host

Dr. Messonnier is a graduate of Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine and has his own clinic - Paws & Claws Animal Hospital - in Plano, Texas. His special interests include dermatology, cancer, and internal medicine. In addition to serving clients, he has written articles for numerous veterinary and pet publications and is the author of several books, including The Natural Health Bible for Dogs & Cats, The Allergy Solution for Dogs, The Arthritis Solution for Dogs & Cats, The Natural Vet's Guide to Preventing and Treating Cancer in Dogs, 8 Weeks to a Healthy Dog and Unexpected Miracles: Hope and Holistic Healing for Pets.

Dr. Shawn is a member of several professional health organizations, including the Oncology (Cancer) Association of Naturopathic Physicians, American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, American Veterinary Medical Association, and Texas Veterinary Medical Association.  You can learn more about The Natural Vet at www.PetCareNaturally.com.

Dr Shawn's Books

Alleryg Solution8 Weeks to a Healthy DogNatural Health Bible for Dogs and Cats

Preventing and Treating Arthritis in Dogs and CatsPreventing and Treating Cacner in Dogs and CatsUnexpected Miracles


Cat Chat® & Dog Talk® Sponsors

We are grateful for the generous support of the following companies, which we use ourselves and hope you will, too!

The Honest KitchenThe Honest Kitchen — Tracie has been feeding these raw, dehydrated foods made in a human food factory ever since Lucy started the company – and created the niche of pet food based on high quality, minimally-processed foods from sustainable resources.

Platinum PerformancePlatinum Performance — Tracie has been using the joint supplements and other nutraceuticals made by this company for her horses, donkeys, dogs, cats and herself for years with sensational results – so she is especially proud that Platinum Performance is the founding sponsor of DOG TALK®.

Whole Life Pet Products Logo - smallWhole Life Pet is an amazing family-owned and run Super Premium freeze-dried treat company in the Berkshires in Massachusetts, where all of the pure protein treats are made from human grade meat, chicken, turkey and fish. The family controls every aspect of the manufacturing process and works directly with the farmers and fisherman who supply their meats and fish, which are proudly sourced in the USA. Every guest on DOG TALK® (and Kitties, Too!) and Cat Chat® will receive a gift of Whole Life treats to share with their four-legged family members—because “Your Cat Deserves a Treat Today” and Your Dog Needs Fewer but Better Snacks!”

Dr Elsey's Precious Cat LitterPrecious Cat Litter — This wonderful private company, owned and run by a veterinarian who is a Feline Practitioner has joined Tracie's team as a website sponsor.

WeruvaWeruva — Tracie considers Weruva the gold standard for cat food: it is made in a human food factory using top-notch ingredients. Weruva and their other brand BFF (Best Feline Friend) usually appeal to even the most finicky cats who have become hooked on dry food. Weruva is the food she recommends when you're trying to get a cat off the harmful carbohydrates of "kitty crack" and onto quality protein in a can.


Halo, Purely for PetsHalo, Purely for Pets — Tracie chose this company's kibble over all others because of their commitment to never use by-products or "meal" which come from inferior protein sources but can boost the protein levels in pet food. She loves Halo because they spend their money on the ingredients that go in their foods, and dedicate what would be an advertising budget to charitable donations to shelters, instead.

Vectra and Vectra 3D, For cats, kittens and dogsVectra and Vectra 3D — These products use the newest technology to destroy the whole life cycle of fleas and repel and kill ticks; Tracie's dogs are tick-free for the first time ever and in fields and woods that are a serious challenge.

Adaptil & FeliwayAdaptil & Feliway — Adaptil™ (formerly Dog Appeasing Pheromone or D.A.P.) mimics the properties of the natural pheromones that a mother dog emits to her newborn pups to give them a sense of well being and reassurance, known as “appeasing pheromones. Feliway treats Feliway out-of-litter-box issues and other feline behavior issues.

Animal Lovers Pet Shop — Tomi Takemoti is the devoted proprietor of this specialty pet store http://www.animalloverspetshop.com/in Torrance California that specializes in birds - but Tomi loves our show and proudly wears a limited edition CAT CHAT® baseball cap because she encouraged everyone on her newsletter list to listen and call into the show. She also accepted a special copy of THE CAT BIBLE because she rescues and saves kittens along with birds and reptiles.

JabbaTomi and Jabba, new Tracie Hotchner & Dr. Shawn fans. Tomi is the owner of Animal Lovers Pet Shop in Torrance, CA. Jabba loves playtime with his mom each day.



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