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Chat® & Dog Talk® (03-05-2013) Ann Marie the Official Animal Communicator of the show made some incredible connections for people with their dogs and cats — not the least of which was Dr. Shawn's own Rita, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, who said her bed is what is making her so itchy.

Chat® & Dog Talk® (02-26-2013) Did you miss CAT CHAT® & DOG TALK® last night? Catch Dr. Shawn's hilarious story about anal glands now!

Chat® & Dog Talk® (02-19-2013) Ellie got advice about transitioning her finicky cat from “Kitty crack” to all canned food; Barrie called in about buying 3 Chihuahua puppies in terrible shape from a flea market vendor — but with AKC papers (he won the Cat Attract coupon for his Siberian cat); Carmelita used to listen to both Tracie and Shawn’s shows on SiriusXM and had help from her friend Sherri finding the new show, which was hard because Carmelita is blind (she and Sherri both won free Cat Attract litter coupons, too!)

Chat® & Dog Talk® (02-12-2013) Veterinary Internist Dr. Donna Spector (Tracie’s co-host on their new show THE EXPERT VET launching in March 2013) filled in for Dr Shawn and answered Leah’s question about cat food with gravy; Jennifer’s Dalmatian’s licking and incontinence (Incura is the newest estrogen supplement to help female dogs who leak pee); Jessica asked why her vet told her there is a problem with high protein dog foods and the nitrogen levels (there is not- protein is the most expensive ingredient in pet food so sometimes people justify higher levels of less costly ingredients as being “better”: Janine called about her 12-year-old Chihuahua Roscoe, whose coughing after a dental cleaning was not properly diagnosed by her vet whose treatment was therefore inappropriate; Dr. Donna explained the ongoing frightening toxicity of Chinese chicken jerky and Tracie read an email from Roy in Seattle whose pet store incorrectly told him Chinese chicken jerky was safe;  Dr. Donna explained why Nancy’s 2 year old German Shepherd has terrible digestive problems, which are probably from E.P.I., a genetic pancreatic disorder that must be treated; Dr. Donna explained how the full puppy series of vaccines will be necessary for Dennis’s new Blue Cattle Dog puppy in California abut how  older dogs should be titer-tested before over-vaccinating; and Donna tells Tracie about “frosty paws” as a sign of diabetes or kidney disease in cats. (You’ll have to listen to find out for yourself what that is!)

Chat® & Dog Talk® (02-05-2013) The phone lines were on fire for the Animal Communicator Ann Marie’s debut on the show! There were calls about Gianna, the champion Dalmatian headed to Madison Square garden for the Westminster Dog Show, Lance’s Jack Russell, Rachel with a parakeet who doesn’t like her rescued Miniature Pinscher Pin (rescued by Animal Lovers Pet Shop from an alley with her puppies), Jennifer with Dalmatians, Carolyn with her Bichon Frisee and her Golden Retriever, lots of kitties and then Diana called from New York City, where the show mascots — her mini-poodles Romeo and Tiger — make their home.

Chat® & Dog Talk® (01-29-2013) Linda called from California about her male cat who attacks the females at dinnertime (and she won the Precious Cat litter coupon); April learned about Doggy GOO for Tessie the German Shepherd's skin problems (and how Nordic Naturals is the best way to give omega-3 fish oil); Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins called in from Colorado to offer 6 months supply of Vectra for cats to Leah and explain why it is effective and yet so safe; Sharon from Tempe Arizona called about how to transition her 2 stubborn cats off kitty crack and onto wet food (and she won a Cat Attract litter coupon, too); Marsha called about giving Doggy GOO Silver to her dog who already takes Platinum Performance and Nordic Naturals omega-3 pet oil (and won a THE DOG BIBLE mini-leash bookmark); David who owns Weruva called about their new treats Paw Lickin' Chicken and Bluewater Whitefish; Gwen Cooper called about her new book LOVE SAVES THE DAY and her upcoming book tour of animal shelters.

Chat® & Dog Talk® (01-22-2013) Becky called in about her Ragdoll Java and his skin problems (Vectra and Nordic Naturals were the suggestion) and she won the Precious Cat coupon for free CAT ATTRACT litter; Leah from San Antonio Texas used Revolution but her cat Callie still had live fleas on her so Tracie said Dr. Elizabeth would send some complimentary Vectra to Leah to see the difference in really effective topical protection; Dr. Mike Sagman from and discussed carbohydrates in kibble and “carb addiction” in people and pets. He won this week’s limited edition mini-leash bookmark for THE DOG BIBLE, which he said he “couldn’t live without;” Margo in California’s standard poodle recently developed car travel anxiety and an Adaptil collar and spray on an Anxiety Wrap were recommended; Sandra from Reseda California wanted to try Doggy Goo for her two labs’ allergies, but also wanted to know about using the supplement Platinum Performance to round out the nutrition in their home-cooked meals; Lisa travels in the car with her 2 American Curl kitties Skippy & Cutie and wanted to remember which carrier we recommend as the only one that has been crash tested and the answer was Sleepypod, of course! (Dr. Shawn is looking forward to trying a Sleepypod for his kitties and seeing if he can sell it to his cat clients for comfort and ease in their vet visits.)

Chat® & Dog Talk® (01-15-2013) Dr. Shawn talks about euthanasia and the depth of some peoples’ grief; Melony from Sleepypod carriers calls to congratulate about the new show; Stacy from Kentucky had a problem with one of her Ragdolls and was told Neko Flies wand toy and Feliway might help (she won the Precious Cat coupon for free litter!); Diana asked what senior supplements would be good for her little poodles Tiger and Romeo (whose photos are now on the main page of the radio show!); Jessica the biochemist (former vet tech) gave updates on solving one of her dog’s separation anxiety with an Adaptil collar and an Anxiety Wrap — and then her concern about her German Shorthaired Pointer being underweight inspired a big overweight discussion between Tracie and Dr. Shawn; Dr. Shawn talks about rats as pets.

Chat® & Dog Talk® (01-08-2013) Tracie & Dr. Shawn discussed the upcoming heartworm treatment of a caller’s dog and Dr. Shawn explained how heartworm prevention works (and sometimes does not work); they discussed feline nutrition and the importance of relying on a wet food diet without carbohydrates because cats are obligate carnivores; they took a call from Allison Denlea, the Official Dog Trainer of Tracie’s NPR show DOG TALK® (and Kitties, Too!) who has baffled several vets with the callus on her English Springer Spaniel’s paw pad and Dr. Shawn was concerned about the swollen lymph node in the dog’s armpit which suggested to him that it might need antibiotics; Patricia and her friends in El Dorado Hills California called in together from the Pooch Party they were having to listen to the show together since they all live in a gated community and walk their dogs as a group; Steve from Petsmart Charities called in about his two sister pussycats and one kitty pooping outside the litter box — Tracie scolded him for using scented litter and instead sent him a coupon for free Cat Attract litter from Precious cat — and the advice to not have all 3 litter boxes in one room (nor to assume that because the two sisters seemed to be BFF’s that there wasn’t some “evil eye” going on behind his back that had threatened the kitty away from the litter box.